Gamemaster Athletic Introduces Swax Training Baseballs, Revolutionizing Safer Learning of Baseball Fundamentals

Gamemaster Athletic Introduces Swax Training Baseballs, Revolutionizing Safer Learning of Baseball Fundamentals

West Chester, OH - Gamemaster Athletic LLC, a leading sporting goods company, is thrilled to announce the release of their groundbreaking Stars and Stripes Swax Training Ball. Designed to facilitate safer learning of baseball fundamentals from an early age, this training baseball offers the official size and weight of a real baseball while providing a much softer impact.

Unlike traditional baseballs, the patented design of the Swax Training Ball delivers the same weight and feel as a standard baseball, making it ideal for learning the fundamentals of the game, including batting practice. Crafted with durability in mind, this tough training baseball can withstand multiple rigorous use as young athletes develop their skills. With its official weight and size, the Swax Training Baseball offers younger players a more realistic experience when making contact with the ball, compared to lighter alternatives. Furthermore, its softer composition enables usage in indoor facilities or restricted training spaces. The limited flight capability ensures the ball travels only about 50% as far as a regular baseball when hit, reducing the risk of accidents, while its reduced bounce and roll further enhance safety.

Sean Rowland, CEO of Gamemaster Athletic, stated, "One of the main challenges faced by young baseball players is the fear of being hit by a hard ball. The Swax Training Baseball helps with eliminating some of these fears, allowing children to focus on their training and embark on their baseball journey confidently."

 Adding to the appeal of the Swax Training Baseball is the introduction of the Stars and Stripes edition. Celebrating the spirit of the USA, this patriotic version features a unique flag cover, instilling a sense of pride in young athletes. The Stars and Stripes Swax Training Baseball will be available for purchase online starting June 2023, with pre-orders open now at


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Since its establishment in 1975, Gamemaster Athletic has been a trusted supplier and manufacturer of licensed footballs and basketballs. In the early 2000s, the company expanded its product offerings to include baseball training equipment, leveraging its partnership with renowned baseball industry leader, Louisville Slugger. Over the years, Gamemaster Athletic has continued to grow its portfolio with notable additions such as Blitzball, Swax Training Baseballs, and Talon/Sea Snaps.


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