About Us



Gamemaster Athletic Overview

Gamemaster was originally founded in 1975 as a supplier and manufacturer of footballs and basketballs with an emphasis on licensed products. In the early 2000s, we developed products in the baseball training space using a relationship with one of the finest names in the baseball industry, Louisville Slugger. Through the years we have added several names/products under our umbrella including Blitzball, Swax Training Baseballs, and Talon/Sea Snaps.


Mission Statement:

At Gamemaster, we are committed to effectively reaching the end consumer in the sporting goods arena by supplying our unique grouping of products to our retail customers as efficiently as possible.  


Our Team

Sean Rowland
Sean Rowland - CEO
Tim Greany
Tim Greany- Controller 
Zach Hile -  Director of Sales & Marketing

Eddie Salter-  Senior Warehouse Manager
Matt BolesWarehouse Manager

Jessica Williams- Sales & Marketing Coordinator 

Carly Luken- Warehouse Team Member

Christin Emerick- Warehouse Team Member

Doug Jones- Consultant

Board Members- Kyle Rudolph, John Bovard, Nick Holmes