Get Outta the Box with These Batting Tee Drills

Get Outta the Box with These Batting Tee Drills
Do you need some new ideas for your batting tee training? If you’re stuck in a rut of same-old, same-old, it might be time to mix up your practice and try something new. With these drills, you can take your batting tee training to the next level and start seeing results at the plate.  Let’s get going!
Drill 1 – One-Handed Tee Drill
Build serious hand strength, bat speed and hand-eye coordination with this drill. Set the tee up in the middle of the plate and practice hitting the ball with one hand. This drill helps to improve your bat speed and hand-eye coordination.  You may need to choke up on the bat at first with this one.  Try this first with your front hand and then switch to your back hand.
Drill 2 – Shorten Your Swing
If you’ve been having trouble making contact with inside pitches, this drill is for you! Move the batting tee in close, just off of home plate or even a few inches further inside than that. Take several swings at different heights until you start getting a feel for connecting with those inside pitches. Remember, shortening your swing does not mean swinging harder – focus on staying relaxed and letting the bat do most of the work.  After practicing this drill from both sides of the plate (yes, lefties too!), you will have more success making contact with those pesky inside pitches.
Drill 3 – Tee It High To Go Low
This one might seem counterintuitive but trust us, it works! Set up a high pitch by raising your batting tee above shoulder height and taking a few swings at that level. Once you’ve done that several times, drop down lower than shoulder height and take some more swings there as well as at shoulder level. This drill helps develop balance and consistency when hitting higher pitches because it teaches how to adjust when connecting with balls outside of our wheelhouse (aka comfort zone). Don't forget to switch sides after completing each set so that both hands can benefit from this exercise!
Drill 4 - Outside Tee Drill
Hitting to the opposite field is a great skill.  In this drill, set the tee up on the outside corner of the plate and focus on hitting the ball to the opposite field. Move the tee height from low to high to practice hitting different pitch locations. This drill helps to improve your ability to hit the ball to all fields and makes you a bigger threat at the plate and allows you to move runners into scoring position.
Using batting tees like the Louisville Slugger Ultra-Instructoswing and Soft-Toss Tee is an essential part of becoming a great hitter but it can be easy to fall into a routine where practice becomes mundane instead of motivating. That's why it's important to switch things up every now and then with different types of drills using batting tees! All three drills mentioned above will help improve performance at the plate while providing some variety in training sessions - no more boredom here! So get out there and start mixing up your batting tee drills today; we promise that better performance awaits!