Helping Youth Overcome Fear of the Baseball

Helping Youth Overcome Fear of the Baseball
Catching and hitting a baseball is difficult, and for many young players, the fear of being hit by the ball can be an obstacle to overcome. It’s natural to be scared of the ball — no one wants to get hurt playing sports — but there are plenty of tips that parents and coaches can use to help their young players conquer their fear.

Be Patient

Take it Slow: Every player is different, some may take longer than others to become comfortable with the ball. Don’t rush your players - give them time to get used to being near the ball, and don’t pressure them into doing something before they feel ready. Encourage your players to take baby steps and go at their own pace - this will help build confidence in themselves.

Make it Fun

Incorporating games into practice can make it more fun for your players. For example, you could have two teams stand opposite each other and hit or throw balls back and forth; or have your players catch balls from a pitching machine (or coach) while running or jumping. You could also use items like SWAX balls – these will allow your players to get used to being hit without any pain.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way for young players to overcome their fear is simply through practice. Have them practice fielding, catching and batting often so they become more comfortable with the speed of the ball, as well as catching fly balls or grounders during fielding drills. This will help build their confidence in their ability as well as make them feel more secure around the ball itself.
Realizing that it’s natural for young players to be afraid of getting hit by a baseball is key - instead of forcing them out of their comfort zone too quickly, slowly build up their confidence through various drills and games. Incorporating items like SWAX baseballs allow kids to practice without fear of getting hurt every time they miss a catch and get hit by the ball. With enough patience and practice, overcoming fear should be an achievable goal!
Learning the game with tools like SWAX baseballs and softballs gives children a chance to safely simulate fielding, hitting and catching without worrying about getting hurt when mistakes happen - encouraging this kind of play helps build confidence in young athletes who might otherwise be scared of being hit by a real ball! Through consistent practice and support from parents & coaches plus some creative activities & practices, conquering any fear should become achievable!