Unleash the Power of Play: Baseball5

Step Up to the Plate with Baseball5 Collection

Welcome to the electrifying world of Baseball5 – the heartbeat of urban sports that reverberates through city streets and lights up backyards. Our curated collection spotlights the game where tradition meets innovation, accessibility meets excitement, and every stretch of concrete or grass can become the arena of champions.

USA Baseball Baseball5 Official Rubber Game Ball

Experience the dash and vigor of Baseball5 with the official game ball designed for energetic sprints and rapid-play that characterize this modern classic. Made with premium-quality rubber, its durability matches the intense pace of the game, ensuring countless hours of dynamic play.

USA Baseball Baseball5 Complete Game Kit

Unpack instant action with our complete game kit crafted for enthusiasts across all ages and skill levels. Whether you're igniting a match in the community center or kicking off a youthful tournament at a camp, our kit contains everything you need to start a game – just add players!

The Game-Changer in Sports

Baseball5 is not just a game; it's a movement that capitalizes on pure, undiluted fun. It's sustainable, minimizing environmental impact by requiring little to no special equipment. It thrives on inclusivity, encouraging mixed-gender teams to step onto the field of play with equal passion. Our collection embodies these principles:

  • Accessibility: Bringing the game to all corners of the globe, our products are all you need to witness youthful spirits taking flight.
  • Innovation: A vibrant testament to the sport's evolution, Baseball5 infuses urban culture with the spirit of community-driven athletics.
  • Teamwork: Cultivate camaraderie and strategic play among diverse group dynamics, promoting cooperation and mutual respect.
  • Youth Focus: Ideal for the youthful pulse of our generation, the Baseball5 collection is a springboard for exhilarating sportsmanship.

Our Heritage – A Story of Innovation and Hart

Baseball5's journey began on the vibrant streets of Cuba, conceived from the simple joy of a game called 'four corners.' It swiftly caught the eyes of the WBSC, evolving into a full-fledged discipline that captured the essence of baseball in a fresh format. Recognized and nominated internationally, Baseball5 is more than a sport – it's a narrative of unity, creativity, and a shared love for the game.

Join The Baseball5 League

Whether you're an urban athlete seeking your next adrenaline rush or a coordinator looking to inject new life into your community center's activities roster, the Baseball5 collection is your ticket to the big leagues of urban sports.

Ready to bring Baseball5 to your community? Explore our collection and find everything you need to start playing today. Play everywhere, anytime. Join us and make your move with Baseball5 – where every game is a home run for fun and fitness.

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Baseball5 Game Kit
Baseball5 Game Kit
Baseball5 Game Kit
Baseball5 Game Kit
Baseball5 Game Kit
Baseball5 Game Kit
Baseball5 Game Kit
Baseball5 Game Kit
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Baseball5 Game Kit

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Baseball5 Game Kit: The Revolutionized Way to Play Ball

Key Features:

  • 2 Rubber Game Balls - Designed to mimic the bounce and throw of a traditional baseball without the need for gloves or bats.
  • Drop-Down Bases - Easy-to-set-up bases that make any space a baseball field in minutes.
  • Zone Marker - Clearly defines the playing area for precise gameplay.
  • Ground Stakes - Ensures secure base placement during the most competitive of games.

Why Choose Baseball5?

Baseball5 is your new gateway to the thrilling world of baseball without boundaries. Perfect for backyard athletes, youth players, and community centers, our Baseball5 Game Kit allows you to set up a baseball game in any setting. No diamonds? No problem! With Baseball5, anyplace becomes the perfect venue for a thrilling match.

This innovative sport is about bringing people together. Whether you have a vast playing field or just a patch of grass, Baseball5 is your ticket to inclusive, adrenaline-pumping action that's easy to learn and quick to play.

Take the Game Anywhere

Play on concrete, grass, or sand. Baseball5's versatility makes it perfect for those spontaneous moments of sport, whether it's a quick game after school, a community tournament, or just hanging out with friends.

Inclusive Sport for All

Baseball5 is about leveling the playing field – literally and figuratively. It's a mixed-gender game that emphasizes teamwork and strategy over brute strength or specialized skills.

Effortless to Learn

No steep learning curve here. Baseball5 is intuitively designed so that newcomers and seasoned fans alike can get started within minutes.

Product Details:

  • Material: High-quality, durable rubber
  • Ball Size: Optimized for grip and easy handling by all ages
  • Kit Contents: 2 game balls, drop-down bases, zone marker, ground stakes

Take a swing at something fresh and exciting! The Baseball5 Game Kit is not just another sports accessory; it's a lifestyle—a symbol of fun, freedom, and accessibility. Don't let traditional constraints hold you back. Embrace the Baseball5 way and #PlayEverywhere!

Baseball enthusiasts, find your new passion. Youth sports players, discover your next challenge. Community centers, revitalize your programming. Embrace the game that's hitting the streets by storm. Shop now and join the Baseball5 movement!

Baseball5 Ball
Baseball5 Ball
Baseball5 Ball
Baseball5 Ball
Baseball5 Ball
GameMaster Athletic

Baseball5 Ball

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Baseball5 Ball – The Official Game Changer

Transform any space into a playing field with the Baseball5 Ball, the only equipment you need for the thrilling sport of Baseball5. As the USA Baseball Official WBSC (World Baseball Softball Confederation) Ball, it embodies the spirit of accessibility and action-packed fun.

Game On-The-Go

Baseball5 is not just a pastime; it's a movement. It’s fast-paced, inclusive, and now with the Baseball5 Ball, it’s more accessible than ever. Whether you're in a park, your backyard, or an urban alley, the game follows you.

Key Features:

  • Official Ball of Baseball5: Backed by the WBSC and USA Baseball, this ball meets all official standards for professional play.
  • Ready for Action: With this ball, you're always game-ready. No bat? No gloves? No problem!
  • Play Anywhere: Urban alleys, backyards, or even indoors, the Baseball5 Ball is designed to bring the game to life in non-structured environments.

Game Specs:

  • Weight: 85 g
  • Diameter: 66 mm
  • Material: High-quality Natural Rubber (Hollow)
  • Color: Vivid Yellow with a distinct black line for visibility

Why Baseball5 Ball?

  1. WBSC Endorsed: Feel the pride of playing with a ball that carries professional acclaim.
  2. All You Need is One: Say goodbye to bulky equipment. With the Baseball5 Ball, any place can be your diamond.
  3. Inclusive Play: Ideal for young players, community centers, and baseball enthusiasts. The game waits for no one.

Baseball5 bursts onto the scene as a game for all – a contemporary spin on America's beloved sport. It's sustainable, demographic-inclusive, and focuses on the young generation, encouraging physical activity anywhere and everywhere.

Who Is Baseball5 For?

  • Baseball Players and Teams: Veterans or newcomers, experience baseball like never before.
  • Youthful Spirits: Great for school teams, neighborhood fun, and anyone ready to toss the ball.
  • Community Leaders: Be the trendsetter at your local community center with this innovative gear.

Be a forerunner of the coolest evolution of baseball with the Baseball5 Ball. It sparks the action wherever you are, challenging you to #PlayEverywhere. Your adventure awaits… Are you ready to roll?