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Power Grip

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Gripping the bat too tightly and tensing the hands and forearms leads to a decrease in hand speed, bat speed and power. Coaches have been telling players for years to loosen their grip, get the bat out into the fingers, roll the hands after impact and get faster bat speed. The problem, however, is that with a grip that is too tight and too deep in the palm during the grip these things the coach is asking for are impossible. The Power Grip solves these challenges.

Wearing the Power Grip during your practice and games, you create a separation in the grip moving the bat handle towards the fingers loosening your grip on the bat, This makes it easier to roll the hands at impact and increase their bat speed and power.

Everyone who has played baseball has experienced the sting on contact with the ball when hitting. That buzz running from your hand all the way up your arm is a terrible feeling. Sometimes, this can also lead to injuries of the thumb, hands, forearms, and elbow joints.

The Power Grip solves this problem with the unique HEXTec Impact Zone. HEXTec provides hexagon channels that disburse the impact and protect the thumb and palm area during hitting. The overall design of the Blaze Power Grip surrounds the bat and completely covers the palm leading to elimination of the sting and a
drastic reduction in injuries associated with repetition training and hitting.