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Baseball5 Ball

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Baseball5 Ball – The Official Game Changer

Transform any space into a playing field with the Baseball5 Ball, the only equipment you need for the thrilling sport of Baseball5. As the USA Baseball Official WBSC (World Baseball Softball Confederation) Ball, it embodies the spirit of accessibility and action-packed fun.

Game On-The-Go

Baseball5 is not just a pastime; it's a movement. It’s fast-paced, inclusive, and now with the Baseball5 Ball, it’s more accessible than ever. Whether you're in a park, your backyard, or an urban alley, the game follows you.

Key Features:

  • Official Ball of Baseball5: Backed by the WBSC and USA Baseball, this ball meets all official standards for professional play.
  • Ready for Action: With this ball, you're always game-ready. No bat? No gloves? No problem!
  • Play Anywhere: Urban alleys, backyards, or even indoors, the Baseball5 Ball is designed to bring the game to life in non-structured environments.

Game Specs:

  • Weight: 85 g
  • Diameter: 66 mm
  • Material: High-quality Natural Rubber (Hollow)
  • Color: Vivid Yellow with a distinct black line for visibility

Why Baseball5 Ball?

  1. WBSC Endorsed: Feel the pride of playing with a ball that carries professional acclaim.
  2. All You Need is One: Say goodbye to bulky equipment. With the Baseball5 Ball, any place can be your diamond.
  3. Inclusive Play: Ideal for young players, community centers, and baseball enthusiasts. The game waits for no one.

Baseball5 bursts onto the scene as a game for all – a contemporary spin on America's beloved sport. It's sustainable, demographic-inclusive, and focuses on the young generation, encouraging physical activity anywhere and everywhere.

Who Is Baseball5 For?

  • Baseball Players and Teams: Veterans or newcomers, experience baseball like never before.
  • Youthful Spirits: Great for school teams, neighborhood fun, and anyone ready to toss the ball.
  • Community Leaders: Be the trendsetter at your local community center with this innovative gear.

Be a forerunner of the coolest evolution of baseball with the Baseball5 Ball. It sparks the action wherever you are, challenging you to #PlayEverywhere. Your adventure awaits… Are you ready to roll?