SWAX Training Softball
SWAX Training Softball
SWAX Training Softball
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Swax Training Softball

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Introducing the Swax Training Softball. This revolutionary training softball helps to safely learn the fundamentals of softball at the earliest of ages. It is the official size and weight of an 11 inch softball but is much softer for safely learning the game. This Swax Training Ball can be used in every aspect of your training regimen at any age. The patented design allows this ball to resemble the same weight and feel of a real softball when learning to play catch. The tough and durable Swax Training softball will last through the ball seasons as kids develop their skills and can also be used during batting practice. The official weight and size help younger kids get a more realistic feel when their bat hits the ball compared to a lighter weighing ball. The softer Swax Training Softball can be used at an indoor facility or where training space is restricted. Due to its limited flight it travels about 50% as far as a real softball when hit and has less bounce and roll. One of the main reason’s kids learning to play softball have a hard time catching is due to fear of getting hit by a hard ball. Take that fear away from your child with the Swax Training Softball and get their training started off on the right foot.


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